The eNIGMA software, entirely designed by RPS AEROSPACE, is able to manage the whole fleet of recorded aircraft, to monitor their state and conditions and keep track of all their activities.
Installed on board of every Ground Station, eNIGMA has been designed following strict aeronautic standards, from the sequence of operations expected from the pilot, to the dimension, colour and disposition of the indicators and alerts.
The eNIGMA software supports the crew in all stages of its missions: mission planning, pre-flight checks, flight, records of the pilot’ and UAV’ logbook.

eNIGMA in detail


The eNIGMA’s avionics has been entirely designed by RPS AEROSPACE programmers and designers to meet the NATO’s STANAG 3705 and 3217 requirements regarding the structure and the disposition of the information necessary for the pilot during the flight.
The main screen shows all parameters relevant for a safe management of the operations, and integrates an audio alert reporting system.


It is possible to combine every UAV with an ARM&IDA predictive maintenance package able to estimate the residual life of every aircraft’s sub-systems by continuously and accurately monitoring of more than 258 parameters.
The algorithm ensures that the UAV is in suitable conditions to safely embark on a planned mission before flying and is able to prevent it from taking off to avoid possible in-flight incidents.


eNIGMA integrates several functionalities that allow to plan every mission at best. By selecting the target geographical area for these operations, it is possible to view a complete spectrum of instant meteorological information and weather forecasts, wind speed and directions and air traffic at a broad range of altitudes.