The CB-series is dedicated to environmental monitoring and allows various chemical compounds analysis such as:

Ozone and nitrogen dioxide - O3 / NO2
Nitrogen dioxide - NO2
Carbon monoxide - CO
Hydrogen sulphide and méthylmercaptans - H2S / CH4S
Ammonia - NH3
Sulfur dioxide - SO2
Formaldehyde and organic solvents - CH2O / organic solvents
Non-methane volatile organic compounds - NMVOC
Carbon dioxide - CO2
Particulate matter - PM

The detection sensor is lowered by the operator up to 10 meters away from the aircraft, eliminating possible turbulences generated by the propellers and that may interfere with the measurement.

Real time processing can be done using the unified equipment management platform, capable of providing measured amount, geolocation of measured point and visible spectrum of the embedded optical sensor.